Friday, 22 June 2012

Sequencing in Microsoft App-v

Sequencing in Microsoft App-v/Soft grid

There are certain components that need to be installed on your image and your sequencing machine.

1. .Net Framework 4.0
2. Windows Installer 4.5

Prepare your Sequencer Machine

1. Map drive to Simsroot share on sims file server.

Sequencing Sims

1. Run SimsInfrastructureSetup.exe
Tick Sims Components
Tick FMS Components
2. Run SimsApplicationsSetup.exe --> Ignore App-V sequencing guidelines and allow Sims to install to default C:\Program Files\SIMS location
3. (Optional) Run SIMSManualSetup.exe
4. Modify Sims Permissions, we have a file called SimsPerm.bat I will post the contents for those who don't have and a secondary file for those running 64bit windows. Ensure you have an up to date version of subinacl.exe as we had an old version which didn't work.
We also found subinacl.exe would report "Invalid Security ID Structure", the cause of this was because the sequencing machine had been reverted from a snapshot and the communication with the domain controller was a bit skewed, just be sure to reboot the virtual machine after reverting from the snapshot.
5. Modify Sims.ini
4. Modify the SIMS shortcut on the start menu to point at pulsar.exe not simsload.exe
6. Run Sims and point at correct connect.ini
7. Tick i've finished installing.
8. Next.
9. Choose OS, we sequenced separately for Windows 7 x64 and Window XP x86.
10. Choose Continue to edit package and save later.
11. Modify Path.
13. Save

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